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THE hi Difference

HºI Management turns properties into thriving communities by building strong relationships, delivering quality customer service, and offering total transparency.


HºI Management wants to establish a relationship that enhances the value of your portfolio. Our years of experience on a wide variety of properties shape us to be the perfect fit to manage your investment portfolio.


At HºI Management, we pride ourselves on service. We treat your property like it is our own, and our goals are to maximize revenue, while controlling costs and ensuring asset preservation. We are fully vested in your property and are committed to its success.


We offer more than just occupancy. Working with HºI Management means you are receiving the entire operation, with better reporting and asset preservation. We set realistic expectations to ensure that you, and your residents, have a wonderful experience.

As the owners of an apartment complex of 112 units we struggled for years with different property management companies. Our experience ranged from companies that were not capable to ones that were completely dishonest. H◦I Management had approached us at a time when we were relatively comfortable, but not completely satisfied so we eventually agreed to meet with them. They made an assessment of the property and gave us a proposal which looked fantastic if they could reach their goal. We eventually made the leap and immediately uncovered numerous issues with files and financial data which H◦I worked very hard on to get in order. We are extremely happy with their performance. The property is finally managed by people who understand Asset Management. If you are wondering what can be better than your current situation, don't wait another minute. Call H◦I and have them give you an honest look at your property and its potential.- Jim Morog
Your team at H◦I Management has clearly demonstrated to us why you are highly regarded among real estate professionals. We asked you to take over management of our 100+ unit apartment property five years ago after a series of negative experiences with previous property managers, requiring ongoing oversight by us as owners. Since you began managing our property, we have been very satisfied. Your tenant selection, property maintenance, expense control, budgeting and reporting have been excellent. Most of all, we rely on your honesty and integrity. With you managing our property, we can relax and limit our role to that of investors. Thank you!- Erik D. Spykman
I am pleased to be able to recommend H◦I Management’s property management services to current and potential owners, lenders and investors. H◦I has worked directly for some of my clients and demonstrated an ownership mentality that insures maximizing cash flow, asset preservation and meeting the needs of each resident. H◦I Management is a clear choice for multi-family management needs including a range of complicated products such as apartments created with the Section 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credit. I strongly recommend reaching out to H◦I Management to explore their range of services.- Kyle Shoemaker

What Makes HºI Different.

Ownership Mentality

We invest ourselves in your property like it was ours. The focus and drive of our team leads to increased value of your property.


If we believe a decision could change your property for the better, we will give you all the data you need to make an informed decision.


We have successful experience working with many types of properties, from distressed properties and senior communities, to student housing and well-established communities in both affordable and conventional markets.

We treat your property like it is our own, and our goals are to maximize revenue, while controlling costs and ensuring asset preservation.


When we manage your property, we will provide you with the whole vision. That translates to the best information available and a clear understanding of what it means to you.


We focus on hiring like-minded team members, who all share the same common goals. This consistency provides the best possible experience for you and your residents.

Better Relationships

Our team builds strong relationships not only with you, but with residents and employees as well, creating a strong, closely knit community.

Elevated Standards

By setting high standards for your property, we push ourselves to build greater value and create a better overall experience for everyone involved.

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Compliance Services

We have extensive expertise in Section 42 compliance, HUD reporting and HOME funds monitoring. Our own in-house compliance specialists understand how your investment is affected by changing markets, economic conditions, and demographical trends. We create customized solutions to meet your immediate and long-term asset management needs and goals. This includes routine compliance, file audits, physical inspections, and agency reporting, and more.

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We are uniquely qualified and experienced in serving as a Court Appointed Receiver and acting asset manager for distressed and troubled properties. We have success in turning residential properties into thriving communities by assessing and addressing physical property needs, focusing on retaining current residents and attracting new applicants, evaluating and enhancing asset value, and assessing management structure and disposition.

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Property Management

By placing our highly qualified and vetted team on your property, we create strong communities no matter the type of housing. Our team focuses on timely reporting, cost control, and maintenance of physical assets in order to preserve and grow value, and build short and long term ROI. With decades of experience in managing a wide array of properties, our goal is to treat every property like it’s our own.

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